Interstellar Brides Series Guide

Interstellar Brides’ Coalition Worlds: A Reading Guide (Updated 2-15-17)

Planet: TrionPlanet: Prillon PrimePlanet: Viken
Assigned a Mate
Her Mate’s Secret Baby
Mated to the Commander (TBA)
Mated to the Warriors
Taken by Her Mates
Mastered by Her Mates
Claimed by Her Mates
Mated to the Vikens
Her Viken Mates (TBA)
Planet: AtlanPlanet: EverisPlanet: The Colony
Mated to the Beast
Tamed by the Beast
Mating Fever (April ’17)
The Beast’s Bride (TBA)
The Alien’s Mate (Cowgirls & Aliens)
His Virgin Mate
Surrender to the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)
Mated to the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)(May ’17)
Cyborg Seduction (Everian Hunter)(TBA)
Book 4 (TBA)
Book 5 (TBA)


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Mastered by Her Mates – Book .5 (Prequel)

The first Earth bride is matched.

Amanda, Grigg & Rav | Planet: Prillon





Assigned a Mate – Book 1

She’ll go off-planet to hide until it’s time to testify.

Eva & Tark | Planet: Trion





Mated to the Warriors – Book 2

The first mate of a Prillon warrior and his second…at the front lines.

Hannah, Zane & Dare | Planet: Prillon




Claimed by Her Mates – Book 3

With a mate, they will unify the planet…by making a baby.

Leah, Drogan, Lev & Tor | Planet: Viken





Taken by Her Mates – Book 4

The Prince of Prillon Prime defies custom and is matched.

Jessica, Nial & Ander | Planet: Prillon





Mated to the Beast – Book 5

He saves his mate and she saves him right back.

Sarah & Dax | Planet: Atlan





Tamed by the Beast – Book 6

Deceit may kill him. She’s the only one who can save him.

Tiffani & Deek | Planet: Atlan





Her Viken Mates – Book 7

A sinister enemy will rip the planet apart, and Leah’s caught in the middle.

Leah, Erik, Gunnar & Rolf | Planet: Viken




Her Mate’s Secret Baby – Book 8

He thought she was dead and didn’t know about their secret baby.

Natalie & Roark | Planet: Trion




Surrender To The Cyborgs – Book 9 (The Colony Bk 1)

The first bride sent to the Colony.

Rachel, Max & Ryston | Planet: The Colony




His Virgin Mate – Book 10 (The Virgins Bk 1)

Everis has special requirements for their Interstellar Brides.

Alexis & Von | Planet: Everis