Interstellar Brides® Series Guide

Interstellar Brides’® Coalition Worlds: A Reading Guide (Updated 10-30-17)

Planet: Trion    Planet: Prillon PrimePlanet: Viken
Assigned a Mate
Her Mate’s Secret Baby
Mated to the Warriors
Taken by Her Mates
Mastered by Her Mates
Claimed by Her Mates
Mated to the Vikens
Her Viken Mates
Planet: AtlanPlanet: EverisPlanet: The Colony
Mated to the Beast
Tamed by the Beast
Mating Fever
The Alien’s Mate (Cowgirls & Aliens)
His Virgin Mate
His Virgin Bride
Surrender to the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)
Mated to the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)
Cyborg Seduction (Everian Hunter)
Her Cyborg Beast (Atlan Warlord)
Planet: Rogue 5
Her Rogue Mates


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Mastered by Her Mates – Book .5 (Prequel)

The first Earth bride is matched.

Amanda, Grigg & Rav | Planet: Prillon





Assigned a Mate – Book 1

She’ll go off-planet to hide until it’s time to testify.

Eva & Tark | Planet: Trion





Mated to the Warriors – Book 2

The first mate of a Prillon warrior and his second…at the front lines.

Hannah, Zane & Dare | Planet: Prillon




Claimed by Her Mates – Book 3

With a mate, they will unify the planet…by making a baby.

Leah, Drogan, Lev & Tor | Planet: Viken





Taken by Her Mates – Book 4

The Prince of Prillon Prime defies custom and is matched.

Jessica, Nial & Ander | Planet: Prillon





Mated to the Beast – Book 5

He saves his mate and she saves him right back.

Sarah & Dax | Planet: Atlan





Tamed by the Beast – Book 6

Deceit may kill him. She’s the only one who can save him.

Tiffani & Deek | Planet: Atlan





Her Viken Mates – Book 7

A sinister enemy will rip the planet apart, and Leah’s caught in the middle.

Leah, Erik, Gunnar & Rolf | Planet: Viken




Her Mate’s Secret Baby – Book 8

He thought she was dead and didn’t know about their secret baby.

Natalie & Roark | Planet: Trion




Surrender To The Cyborgs – Book 9 (The Colony Bk 1)

The first bride sent to the Colony.

Rachel, Max & Ryston | Planet: The Colony




His Virgin Mate – Book 10 (The Virgins Bk 1)

Everis has special requirements for their Interstellar Brides.

Megan & Nyko | Planet: Atlan






Mating Fever – Book 11

Can she save the beast within?

Lindsey & Kiel | Planet: Everis






Mated To The Cyborgs – Book 12 (The Colony Bk 2)

Two Prillon warriors have met their match with their Earth FBI agent.

Kristin, Hunt & Tyran | Planet: Prillon





Cyborg Seduction – Book 13 (The Colony Bk 3)

The Hunter’s mate enters his area of proximity.

Lindsey & Kiel | Planet: Everis






Her Viken Mates – Book 14

Three Viken warriors claim their mate at the Northern ICQ.

Isabella, Rager, Liam & Evon | Planet: Viken






His Virgin Bride – Book 15 (The Virgins – Bk 2)

Marked Mates meet and do battle in a new world

Katie & Bryn | Planet: Everis (introducing Rogue 5)