Interstellar Brides® Program Series Guide

Interstellar Brides’® Program Coalition Worlds: A Reading Guide

Planet: Trion     Planet: Prillon Prime Planet: Viken
Assigned a Mate
Her Mate’s Secret Baby
Matched and Mated (1 Trion, 1 Prillon)
Rebel Mate
Mated to the Warriors
Taken by Her Mates
Mastered by Her Mates
Fighting For Their Mate (1 Prillon, 1 Earth mate)
The Commanders’ Mate
Surprise Mates
Claimed by Her Mates
Mated to the Vikens
Her Viken Mates
Claimed by the Vikens
Viken Command
Chosen by the Vikens
Planet: Atlan Planet: Everis Planet: The Colony
Mated to the Beast
Tamed by the Beast
Mating Fever
Bachelor Beast
Maid for the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Big Bad Beast
Beast Charming
Bargain with a Beast
Beast’s Secret Baby
Bad Boy Beast
The Alien’s Mate
Claiming His Virgin
His Virgin Mate
His Virgin Bride
His Virgin Princess
Hunted (Everians on Zioria)
Marked Mate

Surrender to the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)
Mated to the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)
Cyborg Seduction (Everian Hunter)
Her Cyborg Beast (Atlan Warlord)
Cyborg Fever (Atlan Warlord)
Rogue Cyborg (Hyperion/Forsian Raider)
Cyborg’s Secret Baby (Atlan Warlord)
Her Cyborg Warriors (Prillon Warriors)
Claimed by the Cyborgs (Prillon Warriors)
Taken by the Cyborg (Atlan Warrior)

Planet: Rogue 5 Planet: Alera Planet: Zioria/Coalition Academy
Her Rogue Mates
The Rebel And The Rogue
Rogue Enforcer
Ascension Saga: 1-9
Trinity Volume 1
Faith Volume 2
Destiny Volume 3
Hunted (Everians)
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Reading Order (By Series)

Interstellar Brides® Program:

Assigned A Mate (Book 1)
Mated to the Warriors (Book 2)
Claimed by Her Mates (Book 3)
Taken by Her Mates (Book 4)
Mated to the Beast (Book 5)
Mastered by Her Mates (Book 6 – A Prequel)
Tamed by the Beast (Book 7)
Mated to the Vikens (Book 8)
Her Mate’s Secret Baby (Book 9)
Mating Fever (Book 10)
Her Viken Mates (Book 11)
Fighting For Their Mate (Book 12)
Her Rogue Mates (Book 13)
Claimed By The Vikens (Book 14)
The Commanders’ Mate (Book 15)
Matched and Mated (Book 16)
Hunted (Book 17)
Viken Command (Book 18)
The Rebel And The Rogue (Book 19)
Rebel Mate (Book 20)
Surprise Mates (Book 21)
Rogue Enforcer (Book 22)
Chosen by the Vikens (Book 23)
Marked Mate (Book 24)

Interstellar Brides® Program: Ascension Saga

Ascension Saga: Prequel
Ascension Saga: 1
Ascension Saga: 2
Ascension Saga: 3
Trinity- Ascension Saga, Books 1-3
Ascension Saga: 4
Ascension Saga: 5
Ascension Saga: 6
Faith- Ascension Saga, Books 4-6 
Ascension Saga: 7
Ascension Saga: 8
Ascension Saga: 9
Destiny- Ascension Saga, Books 7-9

Interstellar Brides® Program: The Colony

The Colony was Introduced in IB4 – Taken by Her Mates
Surrender to the Cyborgs (Book 1)
Mated to the Cyborgs (Book 2)
Cyborg Seduction (Book 3)
Her Cyborg Beast (Book 4)
Cyborg Fever (Book 5)
Rogue Cyborg (Book 6)
Cyborg’s Secret Baby (Book 7)
Her Cyborg Warriors (Book 8)
Claimed by the Cyborgs (Book 9)

Interstellar Brides® Program: The Virgins

The Alien’s Mate – A Virgins historical prequel
Claiming His Virgin – A novella
His Virgin Mate
His Virgin Bride
His Virgin Princess

Interstellar Brides® Program: The Beasts

Bachelor Beast (Beasts 1)
Maid for the Beast (Beasts 2)
Beauty and the Beast (Beasts 3)
Big Bad Beast (Beasts 4)
Beast Charming (Beasts 5)
Bargain with a Beast (Beasts 6)
Beast’s Secret Baby (Beasts 7)

Interstellar Brides® Program: Primal Mates


Starfighter Training Academy (Planet Velerion) 

The First Starfighter (Game 1)
Starfighter Command (Game 2)
Elite Starfighter (Game 3)
*New Series: Not part of the Coalition Worlds*

Other Books by Grace:

Their Conquered Bride (Historical Western Menage)
Wild Wolf Claiming (Howl’s Werewolf Romance)
Pets in Space 7: A Science Fiction Romance Anthology

Coalition Ranks (in order of seniority)

The Prime: (Prime Nial – leader of ALL Coalition military forces – leader of Prillon Prime)

Admiral: (We have not met any of these yet)

Vice Admiral: (Like Vice Admiral Niobe at the Academy)

Battlegroup Commander: (Leader of a battlegroup OR elite I.C. Unit. Military/battlegroup commanders outrank I.C. Commanders in the field. Atlan Warlords elect their OWN commanders from within their ranks. A battlegroup commander CAN be any race, but so far, no one has been able to defeat a Prillon in the arena (and the Atlans and Everian Hunters don’t want to bother)

I.C. and Atlan Commanders: An Atlan Warlord who is elected a commander is equal in standing to an I.C. commander, but both answer to the Battlegroup commander such as Commander Karter or Zakar

Vice Commander: The XO of a battlegroup – like Trist. All races

Captain: All races

Lieutenant: All races

Ensign: All races

Cadet: Student at the Coalition Academy

ALL Atlans who fight are called Warlord. They serve with each other in an honor system of equal rank and respect – but all will answer to and obey their elected commander.

Elite Everian Hunters operate outside of the system, as do the badass boys on Rogue 5.

ONLY Prillons are “warriors.” The other races are referred to as Coalition fighters if they are not ranked.

ONLY Atlans can be “Warlords”. This is a title of respect from their planet.