Grace Goodwin Books: A Printable List

Reading Order (By Series)
Interstellar Brides Program:
Assigned A Mate (Book 1)
Mated to the Warriors (Book 2)
Claimed by Her Mates (Book 3)
Taken by Her Mates (Book 4)
Mated to the Beast (Book 5)
Mastered by Her Mates (Book 6 – A Prequel)
Tamed by the Beast (Book 7)
Mated to the Vikens (Book 8)
Her Mate’s Secret Baby (Book 9)
Mating Fever (Book 10)
Her Viken Mates (Book 11)

Interstellar Brides: The Colony
The Colony was Introduced in IB4 – Taken by Her Mates
Surrender to the Cyborgs (Book 1)
Mated to the Cyborgs (Book 2)
Cyborg Seduction (Book 3)

Interstellar Brides: The Virgins
His Virgin Mate
His Virgin Bride

Other Books by Grace:
Their Conquered Bride (Historical Western Menage)
The Alien’s Mate (Cowgirls & Aliens – 1880’s Wild West)
Wild Wolf Claiming (Howl’s Romance)