Free Preview – Maid For The Beast

My mouth dropped to the floor and so did the little soaps as they slipped off the top of the towels I held. I’d interrupted guests before and offered a quiet murmur of apology and backed out. Businessmen sprawled in their underwear watching TV and eating from the minibar. Couples going at it who never even broke stride at my disturbance. But this guest?

Holy. Hell.

I’d seen the Bachelor Beast show. What woman would forget how the gorgeous Wulf had found his mate off stage, tossed her over his shoulder and carried her off to a dressing room. To have sex. Insane Atlan beast sex. It had been romantic and hot as hell.

Oh, the network couldn’t show the actual going at it part, but Chet Bosworth had certainly filled in the blanks with suggestive commentary. Wulf had been huge. Hulking. Hot. Dominant. Wickedly possessive. Caring. All the adjectives that made every woman’s ovaries pop out an egg or two.

But this guy? This Atlan?


I’d seen the promos for the second season of the show and Braun, the next bachelor. Those Atlans had fantastic genetics because the photos and video clips didn’t do him justice. Not one little bit.

Heck, there wasn’t anything little on him.

I knew that for fact because he’d just come out of the bathroom—ducking his head to fit through the doorway and turning his shoulders because they were just that broad—backlit by the vanity lights and surrounded by steam that had escaped the opulent room. In a towel. And just a towel.

An Earth sized towel.

On an Atlan body.

I was very familiar with the large bath sheets. I folded and stacked them all shift. But while this one made it around his waist, the material barely tucked in and left his thigh exposed with a huge slit. And that thigh? It was probably as big as my waist.

It was like a human guy wrapping a dishtowel about him.

Droplets of water slid down Braun’s torso and I watched their path. My mouth watered to lick them up.

Heat flared and I panicked, realizing I was frozen like a statue and ogling a guest.

A seven foot tall, gorgeous guest.

Who was staring right back. He raised one hand and raked his wet hair back from his face as his dark gaze raked over me.

I swallowed, then dashed to the bed, set the towels on it, now trying to look anywhere but at him. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb. A few towels.” Stepping back, I stepped on one of the little soaps, the wrapper startling me and I jumped.

He moved then. Fast. Too fast for someone his size and grabbed my elbow.


His voice was deep and reverberated through me. His touch was gentle, the heat from his fingers seeping through my uniform. I had to tilt my head so far back to look up at him I felt tiny.

Flustered now, I stepped back again, then bent down to grab the soaps I’d dropped.

A growl rumbled through him, having me pop right back up again.

His brow was furrowed, his eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched, and I’d just shoved my ass in his face.

I’d made him angry. What an idiot.

“I’m so sorry.”

Great. I’d made the star of the Bachelor Beast upset. I was going to get fired for sexual harassment and I couldn’t let that happen. Sure, being a maid wasn’t my dream job, but it paid the bills and would pay for my last two semesters of nursing school.

I turned to face him again, then backed up, as if retreating after curtseying to the queen. “I’m so sorry to disturb you, sir. I will step outside. Please notify the front desk when you are ready to have your room cleaned.”

I backed up again.

He stepped toward me.

I backed up once more in the direction of the suite’s entry door.

“Who are you?” he asked.

I couldn’t look him in the eye.

“I’m the maid.”

“A maid,” he said, as if the word maid wasn’t in his language. I was mortified at how I’d stared at him. Mostly naked. But not looking him in the eye meant I took in his muscular chest, the abs of epic steel. He had a dusting of golden hair between the flat disks of his nipples that tapered into a triangle to his navel, then to a thin line that disappeared beneath the towel and I could only imagine surrounded his—

Big cock.

My eyes widened as I saw the thick outline of it pressing against the towel… and lifting it.

Another growl ripped from him and it startled me out of my stupor. Again.

“You clean for guests of the Bachelor Beast program?”

I gave an efficient nod. “And other rooms.”

“I do not need you to do such tasks for me.”

I nodded again, feeling more like a bobble doll by the minute. “Okay. Fresh towels are on your bed. Call down to the front desk if you need anything else.”

I had my hand on the knob.

“Where are you going?”

I frowned, looked up—way up—into his light eyes. “You said you didn’t need me to clean your room.”

“That is correct. What is your name?” I watched as his gaze raked over my body. I thought of the two ladies I’d walked past earlier, the women who had talked about Braun so crudely. He’d be attracted to either one of them. I wasn’t ashamed of my work, but there were moments when I didn’t want to be invisible, didn’t want to clean up other people’s messes. Didn’t want to be in the polyester uniform that was not styled for my round, petite physique. There wasn’t a pastry I didn’t like and no matter how much exercise I tried—which wasn’t much since my legs were short and my boobs needing two sports bras—I wasn’t losing weight.

He studied my shoes, my legs below the black skirt, the black button down top. My name tag, which made me remember his question.

I tapped the plastic pin above my left breast. “I apologize again.”

I fled then, realizing I was in big, big trouble. I tossed the soaps I’d just remembered I was holding onto the dining table and took off.

Abandoning my housekeeping cart, I bolted for the service elevator at the far end of the hall. Thankfully, there was no one around.

“Wait!” the deep voice boomed.

He was following me. Oh god, this was bad. He was the most VIP of VIP’s staying at the hotel. How could I have angered someone so special he wasn’t even from Earth?

I’d get down to the housekeeping area in the basement and beg one of my co-workers to claim my cart.

I pushed the call button.

“Wait!” Braun said again, this time much closer. “Why are you running away?”

I spun about, tears in my eyes. I couldn’t fight them.  He was gorgeous. I was nothing. I’d made him angry. God, I’d never had a guest chase me down before.

“I caught you coming out of the shower. I’m sorry for invading your privacy.”

“How do you invade privacy? My English is not strong, but that is confusing.”

I frowned.

“Mr. Braun, I will have the head of housekeeping come to your room and ensure you are well satisfied with the hotel’s service.”

He looked me over again. “I am well satisfied with my maid, I assure you. If you remain, you can be satisfied as well.”