Taken by the Cyborg

Interstellar Brides® Program: The Colony – Book 10

There are no rules, and to the victor go the spoils, namely one feisty human female who claims it’s all a big mistake. A misunderstanding.

What she should’ve said to the brutal warrior who nabbed her was that he had mistakenly abducted the wrong girl entirely.

Oh, wait. She did.

Taken by one cyborg. Claimed by another. Both powerful beasts believe she is their mate.

Thrown over the victor’s shoulder and carted off, Lavender finds herself trapped on another world, another planet, in another star system.

Transported to The Colony, she discovers a world full of warriors deemed too dark, too dangerous, to ever be trusted again. There is no going home, no leaving his side, no escape.

Forced into close proximity with the alien warlord determined to claim not just her body, but her heart, how can Lavender deny him when every touch, every kiss, every seductive promise of love, devotion and protection weakens her will to resist?