Her Cyborg Warriors

Interstellar Brides® Program: The Colony – Book 8

Professional surfer Mikki Tanaka did not want to leave her beloved Hawaii, her ocean waves, or the vibrant sea life she works so hard to protect. But the police don’t approve of her protests and aggressive tactics—and she lands in jail. Her choice? Ten years, or life as an Interstellar Bride. Never one to shy away from adventure, she decides to take her chances in the stars—with not one, but two sexy as hell alpha warriors on The Colony.

Surnen, a Prillon Warrior and trusted doctor, has been waiting for a bride for years. Banished to The Colony, he’s given up all hope, until a black-haired beauty instantly steals his heart and his breath. But the highly disciplined doctor likes protocols and control, in bed and out of it. His second agrees. Unfortunately, his new bride has a wild streak, a thirst for danger, and an appetite for violence that both shocks and thrills him. When her penchant for stirring up trouble brings danger to The Colony, he’ll stop at nothing to save her.

Nothing at all.