The Virgins – Complete Boxed Set

Interstellar Brides® Program: The Virgins

The Elite Hunters of Everis have served the Coalition Fleet for hundreds of years. Bounty hunters. Assassins. The Hunters possess special gifts that allow them to find anyone, anywhere in the universe; anyone but their Marked Mate.

Join five Hunters as they find the human women destined to be theirs, females they must both protect and claim or risk losing them forever.

From the American Wild West of the 1800s to the far-off world of planet Everis, the Elite Hunters will stop at nothing to claim their Marked Mates.

The entire Interstellar Brides® Program: The Virgins – now in one complete set! – GET ALL 5 BOOKS NOW! THE ALIEN’S MATE, HIS VIRGIN MATE, CLAIMING HIS VIRGIN, HIS VIRGIN BRIDE, HIS VIRGIN PRINCESS